Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about SIAA and United Group Alliance. If you don't find the answer to your particular question, or simply would like additional information about how we deliver more than what insurance networks do, please complete the information request form below.

SIAA is a national network of 3,000 Independent Insurance Agencies writing $5 billion in combined premium volume annually. More than just an insurance network, we offer growth and income opportunities to agencies wishing to remain independent while being able to compete with larger regional agencies and clusters. Learn more here

The concept began in 1983 with Satellite Agency Network of New England in response to changes in the Independent Agency system. At the time, many local agencies were finding that it was impossible to meet volume requirements, keep markets and survive. SAN allowed the local independent agent to remain independent, keep existing markets while gaining new ones, generate additional income and receive profit sharing without having to sell, merge or cluster. SIAA and its regional master agencies are building on SAN's success.

United Group Alliance is the regional “master agency” responsible for implementing the SIAA model within its exclusive Ohio territory. Established in 2001, United Group Alliance was formed by an existing, successful retail agency whose roots date back to 1931. The regional master agency concept allows SIAA to provide local expertise and the right company lineup to its member agencies. 

There are many benefits listed on our benefits page as well as our exclusive 5-tier compensation plan that cannot be matched by aggregators and insurance networks. However, the primary reasons agencies join SIAA are to increase market representation, income and agency value.

In addition to providing access to markets and increased income opportunities, we take interest in the overall success of our member agencies. Our experience operating a successful, local retail agency allows us to provide as much or as little help as required in the areas of agency management, marketing, hiring producers or service staff, large account placement, technology and automation.

There is no specific member profile and we have members of various sizes. Many of these members are smaller agencies either in need of markets or wanting to grow and compete with larger area agencies. Additionally, direct writers, life and financial service agencies and producers without vesting in their book will all find an affiliation with SIAA extremely valuable. Generally speaking, our agents share an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to achieve a greater than average level of success.

With over 3,000 affiliates and $5 billion in profitable, annual written premium, SIAA is able to negotiate higher commissions, bonuses and overrides better than any other insurance distribution system in the world. Everything we negotiate, whether nationally or locally, ultimately benefits our member agencies by creating more revenue per premium dollar, which ultimately increases agency value. There's not many insurance networks that can say that.

Upon joining, we work to get our agency members appointed with the right mix of carriers based on their needs, geography, target classes of business, etc. Not all agencies will get appointments with all of our partner carriers however, 95% of the business our agency members write is written directly with our company partners. The other 5% is written through our central placement facility (AccessPlus) and is typically only as a last resort for a unique situation.

Commissions are paid to our agency members directly from the carriers they are appointed with. In the rare instance that a piece of business must be placed through our central placement facility (AccessPlus), the commission will be paid to United Group Alliance and our accounting department will then disburse to our member agency. 95% of the business written by our agency members is written and paid directly to the agency by the company.

Our perceived competition often refers to SIAA as "more expensive" than other inferior solutions. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Our fee structure, like our model, is both unique and proprietary. Upon exploring an affiliation with SIAA we will provide a detailed analysis of not only our cost, but that of any other options you might be considering for your agency. In most instances, our solutions are less expensive and deliver more value.

Yes, there are several options for perpetuation under the SIAA agreement. In certain circumstances we actually guaranteed it for our agencies' protection in our agreement.